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Ivy Oaks was founded through the entrepreneurial skills of John and Rachel Rutledge in 2021. They searched for a location where they could have a residence and venue on the same property.

Pulling into the entrance for the first visit in July of 2021, Rachel stated this is Ivy Oaks! She immediately named it before they even purchasing, after a 150 year old oak tree covered with ivy. Usually ivy will choke out and kill a tree, but the two have been living together in harmony for over 15 years, as this particular type of ivy doesn't suck nutrients out of the tree but instead uses it for structural support.

Panoramoic view of several outdoor wedding sites

After months of clearing, cleaning, restoration and some new construction, Ivy Oaks opened and hosted its first wedding in October of 2022. The 9-acre property includes a 2200 sq ft Event Barn, a side Barn, Bride and Groom suites, 3 outdoor ceremony sites, 2 ponds, and Lover's Lane - a unique trail that extends from the back yard of the Event Barn used for First Looks or private vows between couples.

The open concept Barn has been designed to be a blank classic slate. Various wedding styles fit and work in the space. Rachel, the designer and decorator of the property, used great attention to detail to ensure every component of Ivy Oaks serves its purpose with beauty and functionality. Though John and Rachel live on-site, they won't be at your wedding, but serve as a system of support as needed.

From its humble beginnings, Ivy Oaks has quickly become a premier wedding destination with various choices to make your wedding  or event perfectly yours.

View of bridal porch with landscaping and comfortable furniture
Beautiful wood talbe scen inside wedding barn

"A barn doesn't
have to be country"

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