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The Grove

The Grove is set on the most expansive area with wide open green spaces on all sides of the ceremony site. The Grove is magically ideal for couples who desire drone photography overhead for great shots of everyone in attendance.

The bridal party will walk down a long, dreamy aisle through a pergola that will soon be covered with a variety of stunning perennial vines, including beautiful wisteria. The couple will marry in front of a picturesque background of towering trees and vibrant landscaping all around. If a couple is lucky, they may be greeted by the gentle rustling of leaves during the ceremony which adds to the soothing, romantic, natural ambiance of the joyous occasion. There is seating for 150 guests in this area.

Outdoor wedding site with pretty flowers, candles, and lush landscaping
Outdoor wedding site with beautiful pergola, benches, and custom arch
Outdoor wedding site with custokmizable wood features, pergola, landscaping, and custom arch
Outdoor wedding site with lots of trees, wooden benches, and custom arch
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