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The Original

This natural sanctuary is elegant, romantic, customizable, and a photographer’s dream! Sturdy, decades-old trees stand proudly behind the site, creating a beautiful backdrop. At the heart stands a handmade, natural white arch that can be adorned with as many florals and greenery as one desires. This archway will serve as a beautiful, unique focal point for the two that are tying the knot!
The rows and rows of benches complement the natural surroundings and offer both comfort and whimsy. 150 guests can be seated here. Behind the seating area is a set of double doors that stand tall and create an air of anticipation. Here the bride will wait for her grand reveal, hidden from the eager eyes of her guests. This original wedding ceremony site blends natural beauty, a unique archway, ample seating, and more where sweet memories will be made and savored.

Outdoor wedding ceremony area with lush landscaping, wooden benches, and custom doors
Closed custom doors in beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony area
Open custom doors in beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony area
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