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Secret Garden

Walk too fast, and you may just breeze by The Secret Garden without even noticing it just feet away! Nestled in a quaint rustic haven, this outdoor wedding ceremony site will have your guests audibly gasp as they venture along its natural path that leads past a garden house to a stunning wedding ceremony area.

A magnificent, weathered white oak tree stands proudly in the background with branches that are ideal for draping fabrics of one’s choice for extra whimsy. We can only imagine that as a gentle breeze moves through, the sheet will sway beautifully, creating the most dreamy atmosphere. An additional wooden hexagon is also available for use at this site. There is seating for 100 guests in this area.

Cute garden house and lanscaping leading up to outdoor wedding site
Outdoor wedding stie with large tree, benches, and landscaping
Outdoor wedding site with lush landscaping and fabrics
Closup of the cute garden house in outdoor wedding ceremony area
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